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Laura Hall is probably best known as the improvisational pianist on television’s WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. She also performed on the DREW CAREY SHOW live episodes, and has toured the country doing live performances with DREW CAREY AND THE IMPROV ALLSTARS.

Laura has created a 2 cd set, IMPROV KARAOKE, designed for song improv, like on WHOSE LINE. Disc 1 has a tutorial and demos by some of Laura's favorite improvisers. Disc 2 is fully produced tracks for making up your very own songs.  It's like karaoke, but you make it up.

Laura's band is THE SWEET POTATOES. Laura and her musical partner, Kelly Macleod write and sing original Americana style music.  Their first cd came out in 2010.  They now tour with Rick Hall on bass & harmonica.  

Laura has two cds of original faith based music.   Her first,  A WOMAN OF FAITH, is an intimate expression of her faith journey as a woman and a mother. Her second, ALL IN GOD’S GOOD TIME, features stellar guitar work from Linda Taylor, her band mate from WHOSE LINE. Laura performs at churches and conferences around the country. She also tours with her husband, Rick Hall, doing concerts that combine her inspiring music with his original storytelling.

Laura has written music for several indie films, including the score for SLICE OF PIE, a short comedy written by and starring her husband. She also scored an award winning documentary about female holocaust survivors, SWIMMING IN AUSCHWITZ. Recently she co-wrote music for LOOK AT ME, with Luke Hannington. And, along with Linda Taylor, she wrote music for the romantic comedy, ANATOMY OF A BREAKUP, directed by Judy Minor.

Laura has two albums of original children's music, I SEE A TIGER and COME JOIN THE PARADE. She also wrote music for the TELL ME A STORY series of cds, a collection of timeless folktales from around the world. And she wrote the music for THE WHEELS ON THE BUS series of children’s videos, starring Roger Daltrey.

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