Laura Hall

composer : singer : songwriter : musician
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I have been blessed to be part of a very musically active church. For me, music can create such a direct, immediate connection with God. It can open our hearts and help God’s spirit move in us in ways that nothing else can. I’ve had great musicians around me who have been so supportive and helped bring my worship songs to life. On my two cds, A WOMAN OF FAITH and ALL IN GOD'S GOOD TIME, I used almost entirely musicians and singers from my church.

In 2006 I started performing at churches, conferences, and retreats around the country.  It’s given me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people of faith, and be a part of their worship experience. The first big conference I played was the Mix in ’06, a national gathering of Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ women. What a powerful experience!  In 2007 and 2009 I played at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly, our denomination’s national conference, in the “house band” under the masterful guidance of Bill Thomas. In 2009 I also led a songwriting workshop, performed at a luncheon with my husband, helped accompany the choir, and was a featured performer in
the Saturday night concert. It was a busy, spirit filled, five days! 

I continue to do concerts at churches and gatherings around the country, often with my husband, Rick Hall, combining my music with his great storytelling. Rick is a wonderful actor, singer, bass player, and writer. 
We do concerts that are fun, inspiring, and family friendly. Plus we just love performing together.

If you're interested in having us come to your church or conference,
please send me an email.

We are so grateful for your participation in our Arizona Regional Assembly. You both made such a difference, and your music was just right. We got lots of great comments form the participants. It was good to be church together.”
-Dennis Williams,
Regional Minister and President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Arizona


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